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Oil and Energy Law Practice

Our firm has unique expertise in this area of our law which requires exceptional understanding of the applicable laws and the necessary skill. Our firm is a full time address for all stake holders in the field of oil and gas in Uganda who are looking for quality legal services based on skill, understanding and experience in this complex area. Our energy lawyers have considerable experience in handling the various agreements and legal issues attendant to many different types of industry transactions, including the following:

  • Analysis, negotiation and documentation of transactions relating to the exploration, development and operation of oil and gas properties, including concession, drilling, development, production-sharing, joint-venture and operating agreements, as well as agreements for purchase, sale or exchange of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products.
  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements relating to the development, construction and operation of pipelines, gas processing plants, refineries and petrochemical facilities.  
  • Performance of due diligence, structuring, negotiation, review and preparation of agreements and other documents for the acquisition or disposition of oil and gas producing and exploratory properties, pipelines, gas processing plants, refineries, storage facilities, petrochemical facilities and oil and gas companies, whether accomplished through asset, stock or merger transactions.  
  • Selection, structuring, negotiation, documentation, creation and administration of business entities for energy ventures, including joint ventures, partnerships, limited liability companies and other joint-ownership or joint-participation arrangements.  
  • Structuring, negotiation and documentation of mortgage, production-payment and asset-based financing of oil and gas reserves, refineries, petrochemical-related properties, pipelines, plants and other assets.  
  • Structuring, negotiation, review and documentation of agreements and performance of due diligence for acquisition or disposition of production-sharing, concession, service and other agreements with foreign governments and foreign governmental entities for the exploration, development and operation of oil and gas properties, including the development, construction and operation of pipelines, petrochemical facilities and other energy-related projects
  • Negotiation and documentation of sales, marketing, storage, processing and transportation agreements relating to oil and gas and processed or refined hydrocarbon products.  
  • Negotiation and documentation of oil, gas and mineral leases and production sharing agreements for oil and gas companies, as well as landowners.  
  • Structuring, negotiation and documentation of settlement agreements in energy-related disputes, including advice in fashioning commercial litigation and ADR strategy and in construing and analyzing complex energy transactions.